3/4 Pine Divan

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Modern and Robust Design Fitted With 12x Slats for Extra Strength and Stability

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3/4 Pine Divan

Our modern and robust pine divan feature squared off legs that support the the weight of the bed. So instead of the weight distribution being placed onto the side of the bed (like most traditional pine divan designs). Our design allows for the legs to rather support the weight of the sides and mattress. This means for a sturdier and longer lasting pine base overall. We have been manufacturing our beds for over the last 7 years and found our design to be affordable and long lasting.

We use solid A-grade Pine and no laminated pines or inferior graded woods are used in the manufacturing process to ensure a great quality and standard that is kept throughout our range.

Our 3/4 bed features in two sizes. Standard length  107 (w) x 188 (l) x 288 (h) which is our standard design | Extra length  107 (w) x 2m (l) x 288 (h) (Please note that extra length beds are a custom design and will need to be ordered via email) order@pinebeds.co.za


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